Salon-Quality Products Really Do Matter

Think twice before buying hair products at the drugstore. Cheap convenience store products have a hidden high cost. Salon-quality products are designed to hold your color, help maintain elasticity and shine, and also promote good porosity. Drugstore shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are typically high in alcohol. Alcohol dries and damages hair long term and can strip all the salon work you’ve paid for. A lot of these convenience store products will coat your hair with plastic or wax, making it feel smoother than it really is while damaging the hair underneath.

color cove salon-quality products flIf you’re paying for color, keratin, highlights, root touchups, or biolage, you really should match the treatment with a product that is designed to maintain its quality and ensure longevity of the treatment. Salon-quality products that happen to be at a drugstore are commonly out of date and in a “grey market,” meaning that distributors will actually buy old products from hair salons and place them on the shelf. Pick up a bottle of It’s A 10 from our salon and shake it- and compare it to one sold at a convenience store- it’ll feel very different. That’s because the product has settled and is old. Expired products are not effective in styling and maintaining hair because the strength of the product is diluted and flat. When you buy a product at the salon, you know what’s in it because it is bought directly through a brand rep by the salon. 

Taking Care of Keratin Treated Hair

A Keratin treatment is an investment, and I cannot guarantee that the treatment will last unless you pair it with products that I know work. When I send you out the door with the right shampoo and products, I know that your treatment is going to stay looking fabulous for the intended amount of time. You’re supposed to use sulfate-free shampoos with Keratin treatments. At The Color Cove we sell Keratin-friendly shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, shine spray, and hairspray. All of these products actually have Keratin in them, so they replenish and reinvigorate the salon treatment. When a doctor writes you a prescription, you go fill the prescription, you don’t buy Advil. It’s A 10 has a Keratin line that we love, and we also carry Keratin Complex products.

Best Ways to Care for Colored Hair

When you pay a professional to color your hair, the lifespan of the color service can really affect your schedule and wallet. Using a shampoo sold at the salon will not strip your color, dry out your hair, and it will add longevity to the color- so the color service will last the correct, expected amount of time. The products that we suggest are sold at The Color Cove, including shampoo and conditioner by Verb, It’s A 10, Keratage, Kenra, and Olaplex. 

Savvy Salon-Quality Products

As a salon owner, I realize that these products can get pricey. That’s why I love the product line by Verb- it’s a salon-quality brand at a reasonable price point. Verb offers cost efficient, high-quality products that will take care of your color. Whatever your budget, hair care should not be a compromise or afterthought if you’re looking to maintain your salon treatment. 

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