Why Keratin Is a Game Changer

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The other day I was talking to a client about how much she hated taking the time to do her hair and get ready, only to have it turn to crazy frizz within 10 minutes of leaving the house. She’s originally from California where the weather is much more forgiving—and she has been fighting the humidity in Florida since she moved here. A few weeks ago she hit a breaking point when she went to an outdoor party and was so embarrassed by her hair that she left almost immediately. She decided to pull the trigger on a Keratin treatment and absolutely loves the consistent texture of her hair now. As a bonus, the treatment gives her color longevity and adds gorgeous shine. 

Let’s tackle a very common misconception about this treatment. There are 2 types of Keratin—one is a smoothing treatment and the other is a straightening treatment. The straightening treatment (also referred to as Brazilian or Japanese Keratin) completely straightens the hair from root to end, breaking the hair bonds permanently. This is not the type of Keratin we use at Color Cove. What we do is a customizable smoothing treatment for your hair type that will leave your hair in better condition, smoothing the cuticle, and leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Who is a Keratin treatment for?

Anyone who has frizzy, unruly, unmanageable, or coarse hair. If sitting outside at a restaurant on Las Olas for hours with your hair looking the same as when you left the house sounds like a dream, this treatment is for you.

Does Keratin damage your hair?

No! It actually seals the hair and smooths the cuticle.

What does Keratin do?

  • Seals hair color
  • Cuts drying time in half
  • Smooths hair and eliminates frizz  

How long does a treatment last?

The Keratin gradually washes out over the course of 3 months. The first month is life changing, the second month is pretty good, and by the third month you’re ready for another treatment again. Because it washes out gradually, it’s not a harsh commitment that looks weird as it grows out.

How do you care for Keratin treated hair?

You can’t wash your hair for 72 hours following the treatment, but after that it’s very simple. It’s safe to use any products or tools on your hair, but to maintain the treatment you have to use a special shampoo and conditioner. (For the month of April we’re running a special with Keratin treatments that includes a free bottle of Keratin shampoo and conditioner!)

This treatment is a game changer for women in South Florida. Summer is coming and with it comes the insane humidity. We’d love to advise you on a Keratin treatment that fits your hair type, give us a ring or stop by the salon anytime!

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